Volume assessments on social media: Personal use

By Maretha Prinsloo on October 8, 2019

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Networking” is nowadays probably one of the most frequently used terms in human resource management circles. The focus of this 3-part blog series is on volume assessment and networking for personal and organisational purposes.

In part 1, the individual use of assessments on social media for purposes of career guidance, job application, personal development and social networking is discussed.

In part 2, the deployment of mass assessments by businesses for recruitment, pre-employment screening, competency matching, organisational audits, succession planning and the creation of virtual talent pools, is addressed. Also touched on, is mass assessment within the educational milieu for purposes of career guidance and unlocking employment opportunities. Finally, government initiatives aimed at addressing population audits, unemployment and large-scale educational needs, is described.

In part 3, a particular volume assessment and social networking platform will be introduced, namely: Cliquidity; which has been specifically designed to meet the assessment and networking requirements discussed in parts 1 and 2 of this blog series.



The term networking refers to the total process of creating and utilising computer networks, including the hardware, software, wired and wireless technologies, according to certain theoretical principles found within technological fields such as computer science, electrical and electronic engineering and information technology.

Social networking, as referred to in this blog series, utilises computer and communication networks for enabling the processes of information exchange and social interaction. Through networking, information is made widely accessible, creating perceptions, aligning opinions, and connecting and empowering individuals and groups. It is often used for the purposes of initiating political movements; for marketing, advertising and commercial transactions; as well as for communication, entertainment, social bonding, educational, sport, business, relaxation and career-related purposes.  Used strategically, networking can potentially unlock powerful mechanisms within the world of work and beyond. Our networking activities make us feel well-informed, in control of our world, and accepted and supported by others.

No wonder then that social media platform organisations have become some of the most powerful forces in society. Examples include global social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+; with microblogging on Tumblr and Twitter; video sharing through YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Vimeo; and photo sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.  Currently, billions of people globally spend a substantial proportion of their time using social media.

Networking has thus become a fixture in all aspects of our lives as it holds the potential for unlimited exposure and opportunity – for both personal and business purposes.


Personal use of online assessment and networking

Social networking facilitates a wide range of interpersonal transactions for a variety of purposes. It allows us to introduce ourselves and connect with interesting others and to follow their activities and thoughts. It also allows us to identify potential partners, whether it be for purposes of dating, business, sport, hobbies or other activities. Networking allows access to information; to professional associations or interest groups. It accelerates the exchange of ideas; enables the sharing of media offerings; and assists us to explore, make decisions, relax and enjoy, as well as to relate with one another.  A person’s career and personal life may thus benefit from adopting a networking lifestyle aimed at sharing and collaboration.

From a psychological perspective, a fair degree of social networking is, however, uninformed. The quality of social networking transactions can thus substantially be improved through the use of assessments to help in better understanding oneself, one’s own interests, work- or activity related opportunities as well as obtaining a more in-depth understanding of those one chooses to interact with.

It is for this purpose that the Cliquidity application has been developed.

Cliquidity is a platform on social media aimed at facilitating intentional social networking. It has been created in order to facilitate the ease and effectiveness with which individuals can complete psychological assessments and access their reports. Enabling a deeper understanding of themselves; helping them make informed networking and career decisions; and crafting personal and business opportunities through the sharing of reports with potential partners, employers and employees; all the while maintaining full control over their personal information.

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