Volume assessments on social media: Cliquidity

By Maretha Prinsloo on October 11, 2019

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In this third part of the 3-series blog on volume assessment and social networking, a practical solution is presented, aimed at meeting some of the associated requirements of individuals and organisations.

Cliquidity offers organisations low cost mass recruitment services aimed at online access to potential employees; holistic psychological pre-employment screening; competency-based filtering of CV and biographical information; competency-based searches for job candidates; as well as internal talent audits; selection and placement of potential role players; and automated talent management. These functions are aimed at optimising recruitment practices while reducing the administrative burden on HR. Additional functionalities might be added, such as the verification of personal profiles and assessment results through reputational scoring and data visualisation capability.

The competency-based searches involve the integration of candidates’ educational and work history, their work-related preferences, personal circumstances and holistic assessment results. These strategic searches hold significant financial benefits for organisations as they are designed to inform and facilitate performance predictions of the candidates selected, thus helping to mitigate the placement risks of the employer. It may also render their reliance on expensive, time-consuming and often somewhat random placement and search practices obsolete, especially in areas of rare skills.

In addition, organisations may wish to categorise information on specific types of candidates to create virtual talent pools for employment purposes.

Instead of job seekers carrying the burden of contacting employers, organisations may thus gradually adopt the responsibility of actively searching for suitable people. The ease and effectiveness of the processes will inevitably contribute to the strategic agility of organisations.

Besides recruitment, HR may also require a good understanding of their existing talent component. HR-instigated talent audits using volume assessments provide critical information for organisational purposes of promotion, succession, team compilation, job structuring, as well as for personal and team development. Visual analytics of the competencies of employees within the organisation and the industry will also have clear strategic-information benefits.

For individuals and job seekers using Cliquidity, the emphasis is on self-assessment and insight, networking with like-minded others, and the user-specified visibility of an individual’s profile and assessment results to potential employers and contacts. An individual can create a personal profile on Cliquidity by entering as much or as little personal information with which they feel comfortable, and which will be appropriate for their chosen networking purposes. They can also complete any of the following assessments:

  • Personality: general description of behaviour in life, work and relationships
  • Motivation: energy and motivational drivers
  • Cognitive functioning: visual-spatial reasoning capability
  • Numerical reasoning: capability to represent and solve problems numerically
  • Vocational Interests: interest in broad career fields and specific occupations
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation: commercial and business inclination; and
  • Performance Risk: risk propensity and risk taking

The assessments mostly require 10 to 30 minutes per test to complete. The person may decide which of these assessments they would like to do and can on completion immediately download their reports free of charge. They may also decide to track their development over time by redoing some of the assessments. In addition, they may choose to share their reports with others or with potential employers. Plus, they may choose to advertise their information among employers registered with Cliquidity. Personal confidentiality is assured because all users remain in control of their personal data and assessment results.

To find potential dating-, activity- or work-partners, it may be useful for individual users to thoroughly complete their biographical profile and the Personality, and Motivation assessments. With regard to job seeking, studies have shown that the majority of job openings are filled by word of mouth. The chances of job seekers who do not have the necessary connections to recommend the merits of appointing them, thereby eliciting the employer’s trust, are therefore diminished. The networking opportunities offered by Cliquidity can, however, be harnessed to grow the personal networks of job seekers. This may constitute a valuable job search resource because networking and relationship building tends to unlock viable career opportunities for job seekers.

Also, job applicants are not always aware of available employment opportunities. To be identified by recruiters and invited to complete certain assessments may thus be viewed as a welcome opportunity.

In addition, compiling CVs that will attract the attention of potential employers is particularly difficult for candidates who have few resources or little work experience. Over time, the situation is compounded by the fact that those without experience who subsequently fail to be employed tend to lose their skills and enthusiasm. However, having an anonymous online presence combined with assessment results which indicate the potential to develop certain work-related competencies, can greatly enhance an individual’s chances of being noticed by employers who conduct competency searches on social media platforms.

Job seekers are advised to enter information regarding their educational and career background as well as their work-related values and interest. It may also be useful for them to complete the Vocational Interest, Personality, Motivation, and Cognitive assessments. Should the desired position entail numerical calculations, it is advisable for them to also complete the Numerical reasoning assessment. This will enhance their chances of being identified by potential employers who do automated competency-based recruitment searches on the Cliquidity platform. Potential employers may then electronically request an introduction with the person (who is still anonymous at this stage) or send them the particular job profile in question to which the candidate may choose to respond or not.

Besides the benefits held by an individual’s personal profile and assessment results for career purposes, Cliquidity also offers a search function to identify and connect with certain types of people in terms of a variety of criteria; the sharing of personal reports with others; and issuing connection invitations to others. A function aimed at reputational scoring of the validity of personal information and assessment results may also be added to the system in future.

A person’s assessment results thus contribute to self-insight and inform potential connections and business opportunities, while allowing every user the necessary control to protect personal data and optimise intentional networking. It also reduces the risk of pursuing interaction with unsuitable others. The reputational scoring facility will further add value in this regard.

Educational institutions and government initiatives aimed at employment, also need to capitalise on psychological information related to the candidate’s potential to enjoy and perform well within a specific career field. Since career guidance services are only available to a small proportion of school- and university leavers and job seekers, access to a free online career assessment service by perhaps vocationally-uncertain or unskilled individuals can potentially prevent years of unfulfilling work in unsuitable job-roles.

The Cliquidity application can thus provide the necessary automated assessments, analytics and networking functionalities to meet the above-mentioned needs of both individuals and organisations. It is based on SMAC technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) and offers a host of benefits associated with these technologies.

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