Dr Maretha Prinsloo

Brief Résumé


Maretha Prinsloo is a registered psychologist who has, since the mid-1980’s worked extensively in the fields of Clinical and Counselling Psychotherapy, Research and Industrial-organisational Psychology. She completed her doctorate in cognitive psychology in 1992 with a thesis titles “A theoretical model and empirical technique for the study of problem-solving processes.”

She went on to found the companies Cognadev (pty) Ltd, Cognadev UK Ltd, and Cognadev Chemistry Ltd amongst others, which she has lead since 1994 and which have served hundreds of corporates and consulting companies globally in the field of people assessment and development.
Maretha has also created a number of innovative, online, expert system based assessment tools including the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), the Learning Orientation Index (LOI), the Motivational Profile (MP), the Value Orientations (VO), the Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) tool, the Integrated Competency Report (ICR) and the Cliquidity assessment system running on social media.

She has conducted over a hundred research studies, has compiled training and research manuals, and has published articles in peer reviewed journals.

Dr Paul Barrett

Chief Research Scientist

Elmien Toerien

Chief Executive Officer | Senior Psychometrist