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Evidence Bases

This is a list of Cognadev's Evidence bases available for download. 1. THE COGNITIVE PROCESS PROFILE (CPP) QUICK STATS EVIDENCE BASE ...

Cognadev April 22, 2020

Understanding Human Consciousness: Theory and Application

The study of consciousness attracts the attention of psychologists, philosophers and scientists. It is, however, mostly dealt with in a descriptive and speculative manner, without explaining the nature of the subjective experience and the dynamics involved. ...

Maretha Prinsloo October 08, 2018

Towards an Integrated Assessment of Leadership Potential

This paper focuses on the assessment of leadership potential in terms of a number of related philosophical, theoretical, and technical considerations. A critical evaluation of current assessment practice is followed by the introduction of alternative assessment metho...

M Prinsloo August 15, 2018

Technical Report Series

Technical Report Series These articles provide detailed expositions of analyses undertaken as part of the evidence-base supporting Cognadev products. Each contains an executive summary, along with the logic, analysis-details, results, and critical evaluations support...

P Barrett August 15, 2018


Below you can find links to download presentations that were used at conferences and talks. ...

Prinsloo&Barrett May 12, 2018

VO Case Studies – Organisational Culture

Research on the Value Orientations in the form of 20 case studies. The research provides insight into the worldview and organisational cultures of diverse industries. The qualitative interpretations are useful to people familiar with the VO or interested in Spiral Dynam...

Resource April 07, 2017

Research Study in Linguistics using the CPP

Read this interesting research study, Successful vs. Less Successful Iranian EFL Learners: Cognitive Styles, Cognitive Flexibility, and Experience Evaluation by ...

Resource February 24, 2017

Useful downloads and tools

If you are a registered Cognadev consultant and have completed the CPP training you can download some useful files. Installation guides and tools ...

Resource January 01, 2017

Consciousness Models in Action: Comparisons.

This paper discusses various theoretical models of the evolution of consciousness as well as critically evaluates and integrates the models into a single organising framework, which is then applied to leadership theory. The construct of consciousness as ...

M Prinsloo May 20, 2014

Cognition: Theory, Measurement and Implications

This article focuses on cognition, which is of critical importance within educational and work environments, as well as within the context of leadership assessment and development. Up to a point, cognitive factors enable the emergence of consciousness, and very importan...

M Prinsloo & P Barrett May 15, 2014

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