May 12, 2018

Below you can find links to download presentations that were used at conferences and talks.

Equifinal profiling Equifinal profiling Equifinal profiling Equifinal profiling

Presentations with Prezi


Prezi is tool for presentations where you can zoom in and out and make them more interesting.

Dr Paul Barrett, our Chief Researcher, has created the following Prezi:

Prezi 1: The Relationships between the Bar-On EQi & Cognadev's Value Orientations (VO)


Prezi 2: CPP Levels of Work and Rated Job Complexity


Using the Prezi viewer on Android or IOS devices

In 'portrait' mode, you can tap the arrows at the bottom of the prezi to go forward and backward. Use one finger to pan across your prezi. Double-tap to smart zoom and pinch to zoom in or out. When using in widescreen mode, tap either side of a slide image to move left or right through the presentation. We recommend downloading the Prezi app for Android or IOS

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