Cognadev was established in 1994 to research and deliver solutions for the assessment and development of people in the work environment. Cognadev aims to enhance the self-insight, development and optimal placement of people in the work context to ensure job satisfaction and organisational viability.

Cognadev Milestones

  • 1

    1986 - 1992

    Development of the theoretical model and assessment methodology of the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) culminating in a PhD thesis by M Prinsloo titled "A theoretical model and empirical technique for the study of problem solving processes".

  • 2


    Programming of the CPP by M Prinsloo and P Voss.

  • 3


    Establish Cognadev (pty) Ltd
    Release of the CPP to the market.

  • 4


    Developed the initial manual version of the Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) job analysis technique by M Prinsloo.

  • 5

    1996 - present

    Train and accredit a consultancy network of several thousand independent consultants and HR practitioners to use the CPP.

  • 6

    1997 - 1999

    Created a computer-based version of the CCM.

  • 7

    1999 - 2001

    Developed and released the first version of the Value Orientations (VO) assessment to the market complete with computer-based interpretative report - by M Prinsloo and R Prinsloo.

  • 8

    2000 - 2002

    Development of the "Analytical Thinking Skills" and the "Systems and Strategic Thinking Skills" Courses by M Prinsloo and R Prinsloo.

  • 9

    2003 - 2005

    First professional classification/registration of the CPP.

    Research, development, and programming of the Learning Orientation Index (LOI) by M Prinsloo.

    Design, programming, and release to the market of the first version of the Motivational Profile (MP) by M Prinsloo.

    Initial design and construction of the Skylab assessment delivery platform.

    Establish Cognadev UK Ltd.

  • 10


    The VO and MP assessments submitted for professional classification.

    New programming and design-improvements of the LOI.

  • 11

    2010 - Present

    The development of the ideas for a cloud-based volume assessment platform on social media for personal and business use by C Marais, M Prinsloo and L Botha.

    The programming of the Cliquidity volume assessment platform on social media by L Botha, and the development of 6 Cliquidity assessment tools and reports by M Prinsloo.

    Establish Cognadev Chemistry Ltd.

    The LOI assessment submitted for professional classification.

    Redesign, improvement, and reporgramming of the Skylab cloud-based delivery platform.

    Establish Cognadev BE BV.