Dealing with complex systems

By Maretha Prinsloo on August 21, 2019


Johann Gevers, innovator extraordinaire and builder of a viable crypto ecosystem in Switzerland, here challenges the view that “code is law” by indicating the shortcomings of science and technology in dealing with complex systems – which the world primarily consists of. Instead, he directs the attention to people as “the centre of everything” and states that ”in a high-trust environment, the impossible becomes possible, whereas, in a low-trust environment, the possible becomes impossible.” Gevers also agrees with Warren Buffet’s approach to investment, namely that business success depends on the people involved, their “integrity, intelligence, and energy” in particular. He further links this view to the people assessment approach offered by Cognadev which offers the tools to measure those specific three aspects of people and contextualise it in terms of work requirements.


Have a look at this video on the Crypto Finance Conference of 2018:

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