Values and leadership

Cognadev’s two-day course on value orientations and creative leadership is aimed at helping delegates improve their understanding of their own and others’ perceptual and valuing systems and motivational drivers. This enables flexible leadership and adaptation to different cultural contexts. The course is aimed at creating awareness and understanding of diversity.

Understanding. Inspiring. Driving results.

This course focusses on

  • An introduction to useful motivational constructs
  • An understanding of own and others’ worldviews
  • Clarification of contradicting values
  • The suitability of certain value orientations within particular contexts
  • The leadership requirements of various contexts
  • In-depth exposure to alternative coping mechanisms for leaders

Results aimed for

  • Understand own world view and how it fits in with those of other people
  • Understand own leadership behaviour as well as that of others
  • Improve the effectiveness of interpersonal responses in a culturally diverse environment
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Improve leadership capability
  • Show greater self-awareness and personal flexibility


2 days


Workshop and manual


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