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Cognadev consulting.

We offer consulting services and training related to the use of and implementation of workplace assessments. This can be for HR functions including job selection, placement, development, promotion, succession planning, talent and diversity management, executive coaching and career guidance. The results also inform job and organisational structuring initiatives. The assessments and development solutions can be used by Consultants and HR practitioners to enhance employee engagement and performance as well as the strategic effectiveness of organisations.

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At Cognadev, we can provide individuals with developmental tools, executive coaching or career guidance to unlock their potential and provide them with the information and skills to make the right decisions. For organisations, Cognadev can provide your organisation with services directly or train your qualified HR personnel to implement assessment results including talent and culture audits to companies or teams, team compilation, team development, succession planning, career pathing, job structuring and analysis, selection and placement, executive coaching as well as people development. Contact us to match our assessments and expertise to your organisation’s needs.

Assessment products.

Our assessment products and training courses can be used to meet a variety of organisational needs.

What are our products used for?

Our assessments are particularly useful in identifying talent and potential for:

  • selection and placement purposes
  • optimising development
  • training or coaching programmes
  • person-job-profile comparisons
  • organisational structuring and transformation
  • career guidance, career pathing and succession purposes
  • organisational culture and team building interventions
  • leadership and / or competency development

Looking at the results.

The results can be used for the benefit of individuals, groups, teams and the organisation as a whole.

The assessment results enable test candidates to development their strategic thinking, analytical skills, values, emotional intelligence, and leadership effectiveness.

Organisations can capitalise on the assessment and development products to leverage talent and manage people risks.

Accreditation on these tools expand the repertoire of Consultants.

Cognadev also continuously conducts action research on our assessment products and services

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