Cultivating a smarter workforce through talent development and leadership training

By Maretha Prinsloo on November 16, 2015

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.” – Arie De Geus, former Head of Planning, RoyalDutch Shell In order to implement effective talent development and leadership training, the organization should identify it as a strategic priority which is anchored in organizational strategy. The aim is…

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Youth in the Workplace

By Gillian Sadler on June 2, 2015

Generation Y Born between the 1980’s and 1990’s. Roughly 18 – 34 years old now. Tech savvy individuals, born to Baby Boomers and also known as the Millennials. Often labelled as egotistical, lazy, non-committal, arrogant, unrealistic and entitled. This is not very pleasant to read, especially if you are a Millennial, and worrisome to employers….

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8 reasons you should use psychometrics in your company.

By Shaun Geertshuis on May 20, 2015

It is not always clear why businesses should use assessments and all the benefits a company can get out of assessment results. Testing is a specialised role, which forms a crucial part of the larger HR objective – although testing professionals and HR personnel do not always see the bigger picture, possibilities or potential symbiotic…

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What Leaders Need Most

By Cognadev on April 29, 2015

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” ― C.G. Jung It may feel as if we heard it all already. The topic of successful leadership has been approached from what seems like every possible perspective. Looking through google search, one can find countless articles on what…

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The Dark Side of Always Looking on the Bright Side of Life

By Lorette Theron on April 7, 2015

In my last blog, It’s not on top, it’s inside!, I discussed the benefits of having or developing Psychological Capital. However, the journey to the positive side is not always that rosy.  The field of Positive Psychology has received great media attention , large corporations started implementing strengths development, and universities opened research departments solely focusing on…

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Psychological Effects: Loss Aversion

By Shaun Geertshuis on March 11, 2015

Loss aversion is a psychological effect in which people strongly prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains. It is an irrational effect on behaviour, which leads us to weigh the potential of loss as more important. This leads to the avoidance of risk, even if there is a high potential for gain. It also leads…

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Tolerate to Celebrate!

By Gillian Sadler on February 11, 2015

‘Diversity tolerance’ is a concept we are very familiar with and the aspects that usually pop into our heads when we think about this are race, gender and perhaps disability and age. However, moving away from these ever present diversity issues, have we given much thought to the fact that diversity is, well, much more…

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Do It The Mindful Way

By Cognadev on January 28, 2015

It is clearly an understatement to say that we live in the world of constant goal-setting and drive to achieve. The success is measured by the amount of things we do. At the end of the day we proudly tick off the items from our never-ending ‘to-do’ list. And since the list is forever expanding,…

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It’s not on top, it’s inside!

By Lorette Theron on January 14, 2015


Psychological Capital: An easy way to tap into your personal wealth We are so often reliant on external resources in order to be successful in our jobs.  We blame the economy, power supply, economic policies and job scarcity for our inability to be promoted or find opportunities to excel. What we don’t realise is that…

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