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Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is an advanced computerised cognitive assessment technique or test that externalises and tracks thinking processes to indicate a person’s cognitive preferences and capabilities. Based on this information, a suitable Stratified Systems Theory (SST) work environment, learning potential and developmental needs of the person can be identified.

Innovative. Dynamic. Valid.

Some more detail

The CPP assessment involves an unfamiliar task which requires the person to decipher messages written in symbols. While completing the assessment, a person explores, links, structures, transforms, remembers, learns, clarifies information and monitors his/her own problem-solving actions.

The CPP scoring engine integrates the movements and story interpretations into a comprehensive analysis of cognitive functioning and learning potential. The CPP is not a speed test, and the candidate can work at his/her own pace. It normally takes one to three hours to complete.

The assessment also does not require “correct” answers. A comprehensive report is provided which indicates the person’s stylistic preferences, describes a most suitable work environment, represents processing scores and learning potential for developmental purposes, and provides customised developmental guidelines. Qualified professionals are trained and accredited to use the CPP for purposes of selection, placement, succession, team compilation, development and other HR functions.


The advantages of using the CPP include:

  • Unique methodology – evaluates dynamic thinking processes as opposed to right-wrong answers
  • Automated and web-enabled
  • A sound theoretical foundation
  • The convergent and discriminant / construct validity of the theoretical model
  • Cross-cultural application
  • An indication of both current functioning as well as learning potential
  • Clear diagnostic indications for placement and development purposes
  • Accommodates for a variety of stylistic preferences
  • The results are integrated with developmental guidelines
  • The test-taker works at their own level of cognitive complexity
  • It allows detailed and interactive measurement of thinking processes

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Approximately 1 – 3 hours


Online cognitive assessment and customisable report


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