Cognadev has developed dynamic, valid, online psychological assessments for the purposes of talent management, leadership development, recruitment and selection. Our psychometric solutions measure cognition (but are not standard ability tests), job complexity, values, awareness, organisational culture, motivation, personality and job-related competencies.

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Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is an advanced computerised cognitive assessment technique or test that externalises and tracks thinking processes to indicate a person’s cognitive preferences and capabilities. Based on this information, a suitable Stratified Systems Theory (SST) work environment, learning potential and developmental needs of the person can be identified.

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Learning Orientation Index (LOI)

The Learning Orientation Index (LOI) is a computerised simulation exercise or “game” (which is not a standard ability test) that externalises and tracks information processing preferences and cognitive skills. It has been designed for school leavers and graduates for purposes of career guidance, development and selection or bursary allocation.

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Value Orientations (VO)

The Value Orientations (VO) is based on the Spiral Dynamics model and assesses a person’s level of awareness, worldviews and the organising frameworks on which their perceptions, decisions, emotional responses and behaviour are based.

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Motivational Profile (MP)

The Motivational Profile (MP) uses archetypes or metaphors to assess a person’s motivational drivers, aspects of emotional functioning (EQ), energy themes, defence mechanisms and various personality aspects (such as the Enneagram) for purposes of placement, development and coaching. The MP also indicates aspects of a personal psychological functioning that may derail job performance in certain roles.

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Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM)

The Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) tool is an online job or role analysis method that is used to evaluate work complexity and work-related competency requirements in terms of the Stratified Systems Theory (SST). The tool is used for person-job marching, job structuring and talent management.

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