Cognitive development involves the refinement of an individual’s current thinking skills and the realisation of potential for intellectual growth. This 2-day course on Analytical thinking is guided by the CPP profiles of delegates, their specific cognitive strengths and development areas in particular. Metacognitive skills are transferred to enable delegates to understand job-related issues and to logically deal with challenges. Understanding and representation of the whole takes place by focusing on the properties of the parts.

Understand detail. Organise meaningfully. Logical reasoning.


2 days


Workshop and Manual

This course focusses on

  • An introduction to the nature and characteristics of analytical thinking
  • The cognitive functions involved in analytical thinking
  • The application of analytical thinking in real-life situations

Results aimed for

  • Work with detail and precision
  • Deal with both detail complexity and dynamic complexity (i.e. focus on variables involved vs. system dynamics)
  • Compare technical aspects
  • Apply rules, and think in a systematic, step-wise manner
  • Differentiate between elements as well as link related elements
  • Structure information into meaningful wholes
  • Integrate new information into existing frameworks
  • Rigorously following logical reasoning processes through