Innovative assessment and development techniques to identify and leverage talent, manage risks and empower business.

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People assessment and development.

Cognadev specialises in the development of assessment methodologies, their application in the work environment and the development of people and organisations. Our focus is broad and holistic, offering assessments for a variety of talent management and acquisition purposes. Our focus is mostly on assessment and development at professional, leadership, managerial and executive level.

The Individual

Assessment results inform career, educational and personal development decisions; enhance self-insight; build confidence; hone and actualise talent.

The Consultant

Assessment results address, clarify and simplify HR challenges; synthesise people skill and work requirements; contextualise talent to enhance system and team functioning; and leverage talent.

The Organisation

Assessment results inform change initiatives and limit people risks; optimise people effectiveness; ensure strategic competitiveness and contribute to organizational sustainability.

Personal development

Cognitive training

  • Analytical skills
  • Systems thinking

Emotional intelligence training

Values and creative leadership

Assessment accreditation

  • CPP training
  • LOI training
  • VO training
  • MP training
  • CCM training


Organisational development

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What we offer.

Cognadev aims to lead the field in developing and providing innovative and sophisticated psychological assessment and development methodologies to empower HR practitioners, consultants, employees in the work environment and individuals, to understand and optimise talent.


Innovative, valid, online systems measuring psychological constructs such as cognition, values, awareness, motivation, personality and job-related competencies.


Developmental training for individuals and teams.
Facilitate the development of cognitive, emotional and contextual awareness and energy.


Product- related training for HR practitioners and professional users. Introducing professionals to powerful theoretical models to optimise their understanding of people and impact on business.


Leverage assessment and development solutions to actualise human and organisational potential.

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The business was established in 1994 by Dr Maretha Prinsloo who focused on the research and development of assessment and training products for corporate and educational application.

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