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Cognition: Theory, Measurement and Implications

This article focuses on cognition, which is of critical importance within educational and work environments, as well as within the context of leadership assessment and development. Up to a point, cognitive factors enable the emergence of consciousness, and very importantly, the implementation of one’s world view, or level of awareness, as covered in a previous article in this journal. This does not imply a linear relationship between cognition and consciousness. People with high levels of cognitive capability, for example, c...

M Prinsloo & P Barrett May 15, 2014

Equifinal Profiling

I was asked this question recently by an executive responsible for hiring in a large corporate: “We observe ...

P Barrett May 16, 2014

Useful downloads and tools

If you are a registered Cognadev consultant and have completed the CPP training you can download some useful files. Installation guides and tools ...

Resource May 17, 2014

Consciousness Models in Action: Comparisons.

This paper discusses various theoretical models of the evolution of consciousness as well as critically evaluates and in...

M Prinsloo May 20, 2014

Investigating the reliability and validity of the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP).

How do we assess the reliability of an assessment which, by its very nature, precludes re‐assessment within a period ...

Barrett/Prinsloo May 20, 2014

The Binomial Effect Size Display (BESD) – a brief overview and evaluation

I provide the definition, some warnings of the conditions under which it may not always produce accurate results, and so...

P Barrett May 20, 2014

Recent Presentations

Below you can find links to download presentations that were used at conferences and talks. ...

Prinsloo&Barrett June 20, 2014

B-BBEE Level 3

For the purposes of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Cognadev (pty) ltd (formerly Magellan Consulting) ha...

Resource October 03, 2014

The Challenge of Psychological Measurement

As indicated by a number of researchers in the field of psychological measurement, such as Barrett (2013), Michell (1999...

M Prinsloo March 26, 2015

Technical Report Series

Technical Report Series These articles provide detailed expositions of analyses undertaken as part of the evidence-base supporting Cognadev products. Each contains an executive summary, along with the logic,...

P Barrett May 27, 2015

PAIA Manual

For the purposes of the Promotion of Access to Information Cognadev (Pty) Ltd (formerly Magellan Consulting) has been as...

Resource September 16, 2015

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which any personal information that Cognadev collects in the course of service...

Resource August 31, 2016

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